Loose weight for good

This is perhaps one of the most googled topics on the web. Across the world, people look for ways to loose weight. There are several types of diets available on the web. Keto, GM and many more that cater to a large segment of people (mostly those who want instant results). I have a simple […]

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How are you? Same old.

I love the monotony of my life, waking up every morning, going to work rushing through my daily tasks, going to the same restaurant to eat lunch, travelling back home, cooking at times, going on work calls and going to bed. The weekend is a breeze with some hiking, some travelling, some relaxing, connecting with […]

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Say Cheese! Say Paneeeeer!

Smile because it costs nothing! It takes more muscle to frown than to smile!   We’ve heard this but are we smiling? And are we smiling without the camera focus on us? Are we conscious of the fact that we are not smiling enough and sometimes not even once in a day!? The world that […]

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